Kraft Recipes and Online Engagement

   Kraft Foods multinational company has one of the best online communities in the cyber world. A user can enter the platform and have direct access to the site without signing up. The extra features provided by Kraft when a user signs up are tips for recipes, online forum discussions with other users and general tips to make quick and easy dishes. Kraft products are … Continue reading Kraft Recipes and Online Engagement

TripAdvisor: The ultimate travel online community

   For those who love traveling, as well as those who do not belong in the category of the frequent travelers, TripAdvisor page is the ideal online tool. TripAdvisor was founded back in 2000 and it is a travel page which offers advises about bar/restaurants, booking tools, accommodation and tourist attractions. The webpage makes up the largest community in the travel world as it reaches … Continue reading TripAdvisor: The ultimate travel online community

My Starbucks Idea

   Starbucks coffee chains were founded in 1971, in Seattle and until nowadays they offer unique quality of products to their customers. As they operate in more than 20,000 locations worldwide, Starbucks wanted to provide their fans with the opportunity of an online community called “My Starbucks Idea”.    In order to create a spherical idea about brand communities, I have searched different categories online. … Continue reading My Starbucks Idea

Being Girl Embraces a Successful Social Community

   Being Girl is a web page established in 2000 by P&G multinational company which is now available in 25 countries. Apart of being a marketing effort of the company it is a site which provides advises by experts, discussions about relationships, menstruation, eating disorders etc. Questions can be asked and all the information provided by the site can help to analyze the market. They … Continue reading Being Girl Embraces a Successful Social Community