Not Just a Scooter, a Way of Life

Paperino After world war II Italy was destroyed. Economy was in very bad shape, while the roads was destroyed. Enrico Piaggio decides to create an automobile for the masses. The first prototype MP5 was called Paperino, Donald Duck in Italian because of its shape but did not make much impact. Piaggio called aeronautical engineer D’Ascanio, who had previously made known that he hates motorcycles to … Continue reading Not Just a Scooter, a Way of Life

Football Manager

From CM to FM In 1992 Sports Interactive created Championship Manager, also known as CM, a series of football management simulation games published by Eidos Interactive. The game simulates the management of a football club. The player chooses which team wants to manage, and is responsible for the transfers, the scouting of new players, the tactics of the team during a game, and a lot … Continue reading Football Manager