King of the gaming community was introduced in June 2011 as a live streaming video platform owned by Twitch Interactive, a subsidiary of Inc. The main focus of the website is around video games, playthroughs ,esport competition,talkshows and other gaming relevant content. Since its launch, in just 3 years, Twitch’s popularity skyrocketed , having millions of followers in its thousands of live broadcast; leading to the 2014 purchase of the platform by Google for approximately 1 billion dollars. How can we exlpain this huge success story though?


The answer lies in the passionate gaming community. Video game enthusiasts share a common passion and lifestyle which found its portal in Twitch. Even though there were some already existing video streaming platforms (suchs as Twitch made everything better and faster. With a growth rate from 1 million to 60 million unique visitors per month in just 3 years, once can realize its magnitude.

Twitch managed to become a solid part of the gamers culture by providing top quality services and loads of engagement. Gamers, in general, are quite “needy”, they care about interaction and quality of service,  however if their demands are “met” they are loyal and quite active as members of the community. Twitch managed to provide them with that and we can all witness their success. From the very begining, they did not rely only on the online part of the community but rather tried to create a bridge between the online and the offline worlds. Gamers are everywhere and their demographics vary, however all share an equal passion, wanting to experience video games deeply, both offline and online.


What Twitch did so well is to provide the huge target audience of gamers a place where they can experience everything they love about gaming. They listened to them, payed attention to their feedback, provided with hundreds of different categories for them, enhanced their content and quality of services and overall served the gaming community. Twitch helped immensely the evolution of esports and managed to become an integral part of a whole culture; the culture of gamers.

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One thought on “ King of the gaming community

  1. A very interesting article. I was not aware of this platform. It is a great source of information about gamers all over the world. It’s amazing how connected everyone seems to be in there. They are sharing their passion and having fun meeting and get to know people around the globe. The variety of content is incredibly. For what I can see everyone can find what is looking for. Gamers are also eager to learn tricks from the best in the area. Twitch is platform that seems to respects its audience. Every gamer can find over there what they are looking for. They feel that someone is listening their needs without trying to fool them. Gamers are a very loyal and demanding audience. They are not going to lower their expectations. The fact that this community is constantly evolving shows that the people over there are doing a really good job sharing the same passions with the millions of the followers.
    Worth mentioning is also the fact that all these users are sharing their content with all these strangers. This indicates that the culture of giving is expanding. People attending communities like this one are constantly eager to contribute to the community. They seem to have understand that this will eventually benefit everybody, since the knowledge will be common and they every mistake can be fixed.
    It’s attitudes and mentalities like this one that will help our society to evolve. Youngsters are learning to share and cooperate with others and this will affect the way they will deal with their lives later on. Keep up the good work out there thumbs up.


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