Top 5 Community Websites for 2015

The Webby awards have become a really popular award for excellence on the Internet, presented annually by the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences. Over one thousand experts across the world form a judging body, covering a wide range of categories: websites, advertising & media, online film & video, mobile sites, apps and social. The prestigious awards, also called, “The Oscars of the Internet” include the category community web; addressing websites that facilitate online communities. For 2015, the top 5 winners are:

5. STATE : An online community urging its users to share their opinions and experiences, but also join conversations with others who share common interests. As their motto states: “the simplest way to share what you think with people who share the same passions”


4. HITRECORDA digital community, working as a cooperative production company. Promoting crowdsourced projects and creative challenges; from graphic design and illustration to music and cinematography, hitrecord.ord is providing the platform where you can meet and collaborate on an exciting project.


3. TUMBLRA platform (web and mobile), who turned into a huge community, where users can create their own blogs and include everything they wish to share: from stories and photos to animated GIFs and TV shows.As of now, Tumblr has 299 million different blogs!


2. IMGURAs their motto claims, Imgur has become the ” Internet’s visual storytelling community”. With a million page views in the first 5 months since its launch in 2009, Imgur’s visual community skyrocketed along with the rise of the other social media. As of 2016, starting as that “little” image sharing site, Imgur counts over 100 million active users.


1. IHADCANCERThe winner of the Webby Awards 2015 is the digital cancer support community website “”. Through this platform tens of thousands of cancer fighters, survivors and supporters connect, share and motivate each other. Their motto: “Connect with someone who undestands” proves exactly why digital communities can work miracles in our times. The valuable peer to peer help, facilitated by the web community,  has supported and helped thousands of cancer patients to pull through and motivate themselves and others. A true humanitarian act of our digital era.


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