Branded Communities:The latest go-to in digital marketing

Social media have forced radical changes in all aspects of marketing and branding, reaching a point where marketers try to evolve their digital strategies and stay on top of the latest trends. You can not rely on a couple of social postings each week and demand to have good engagement as a brand. Keeping in mind the latest research findings pointing out that only 2% of Facebook posts reach fans, we can assume why community building is in an all-time high. Establishing and maintaining good brand communities offers much more engagement and value and the three main reasons are:

  • Greater reach: you cannot rely on word-of- mouth marketing by scarcely posting content on the social media and praying for as many shares as you can get. The resources spent outvalue the valuable outcomes since there is no guarantee whatsoever; making it a form of gamble for the brand. However, when maintaining an active community around your brand and feeding it with content about products and new campaigns things are much clearer. Your followers can become your ambassadors, ensuring a much larger reach and amplification of your messages.


  • Enhance customer relationships: being part of a community always gives the sense of belonging and interacting with others who share common interests. When a brand manages to create such a community around its customer base and provides it with rich content, offers and all kinds of information their relationships are greatly strengthened. As a customer you feel as if the brand cares for you individually; thus you are more likely to actively support the brand not only by buying from it but also by advocating its value among others.


  • Higher Conversions: When brands have strong communities around them, it means that there is a lot of valuable content about the brand around. Mainly reviews, recommendations, ratings and peer to peer support can be the deciding point turning a prospect to an actual customer. Most of us before bying anything we conduct research and try to find as much as possible about a product or a brand. Reviews and customer recommendations influence us even if we don’t realize it, as well as the feel of having a community of people caring about a brand and its products. It provides an intangible additional value to the brand which ofcourse helps conversions.


Ofcourse, there are numerous other factors about why marketers nowadays invest a lot in creating brand communities and their positive outcomes. Undoubtedly achieving to establish and maintain a strong community around your brand is not an easy task, however when done right it can provide a huge competitive advantage.

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