TripAdvisor: The ultimate travel online community

   For those who love traveling, as well as those who do not belong in the category of the frequent travelers, TripAdvisor page is the ideal online tool. TripAdvisor was founded back in 2000 and it is a travel page which offers advises about bar/restaurants, booking tools, accommodation and tourist attractions. The webpage makes up the largest community in the travel world as it reaches more than 340 million of visitors each month. It also operates within 24 other travel subsidiaries. It is a really influential page for visitors where people can collect vital information about their trips.

   The users who enter TripAdvisor have the chance to browse into different categories in order to search what they have in mind. The site contains vital information about millions of hotels and restaurants in the whole world. TripAdvisor provides the users with travel maps showing the top attractions and the best hotels.


   As it is the largest travel community online, it allows its visitors to post their personal experiences form their vacations in all the categories which include: cafes, restaurants, hotels, resorts, attractions and monuments. The user can also post photos and/or videos in order to complete this travel online blog diary. TripAdvisor is actually a very engaging social platform which is an appealing online destination for travelers who wish to be parts of a community. Online communities are major tools of communication among their members. The postings of helpful reviews in this online travel page are considered as key findings for users who will enter TripAdvisor in order to search for travel destinations.

   TripAdvisor helps you built your travel online persona in order to have a complete profile of journeys, bookings and reviews. This organizing technique is not only efficient but an effective tool of sharing past experiences with other users as well.  Personalized email newsletters are also part of the customization that TripAdvisor offers. Furthermore, the community is engaged  in different social media platforms, such as an active Facebook page and an Instagram account where followers can be informed about destinations and  offerings all around the world.


   After examining the TripAdvisor’s case of community building, one can totally agree with the following quote: “Traveling: It leaves you speechless, but then turns you into a storyteller.”


One thought on “TripAdvisor: The ultimate travel online community

  1. A very addictive platform. It has a variety of services. The fact that it combines all these services helps the user get the available information all at once. It provides you the opportunity to get to a placed having a whole picture of the place you are visiting. You don’t spend a lot of time searching for the best restaurant, activities you may attend, flights in and out and of course rooms and hotels you can spend the nights there.
    Very helpful is also the user’s opinions. For me it is important to know the experience other people had in places I want to go. The way all these opinions are used as it ensures that they indeed sharing their sincere view. The community they are building is very strong and we can say that the user critics can be considered reliable since they are the actual and probably the only ones we should trust.
    My experience using the platform is very pleasant. During my last holidays I used TripAdvisor as my main mean of information about Paxous. I managed to find a very beautiful villa in a reasonable value that made my stay in the island great. Following user critics, I ate in some of the best places like Karkalentzos Tavern in Gaios where you can eat tasteful traditional recipes made by fresh ingredients. We also visited not only the famous and obvious beaches of the island but managed to discover and swim in some of the not so well known. In general TripAdvisor provided exactly what it has promised.


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