Kraft Recipes and Online Engagement

   Kraft Foods multinational company has one of the best online communities in the cyber world. A user can enter the platform and have direct access to the site without signing up. The extra features provided by Kraft when a user signs up are tips for recipes, online forum discussions with other users and general tips to make quick and easy dishes. Kraft products are featured in the menu bar and users can subscribe as well.

   A great offering of the page is the use of high definition pictures that connect Kraft recipes with Pinterest. After the presentation of each recipe, users can rate and review the content by posting their opinion online. The recipes can be also shared (via Facebook, Twitter) and/or pinned (via Pinterest), print, saved or either e-mailed to another person.


   Moreover, Kraft has a collaboration with various writers who post engaging articles on the platform. Recipes that are really popular according to voting preferences can be added to the front page of Kraft. Users can comment on various recipes or articles, ask questions or give extra flavor tips. The brand community of Kraft is well established as members can help each other.

   In the FAQ area of Kraft page, members can find help or report general issues and problems. Social media platforms are also linked through the page in order to fulfill the brand’s community purposes. Kraft engages its fans through its active Facebook page and  is actually one out of four companies which actually do this. Kraft employees run the page and directly respond to every comment or questions posted online.

   Additionally, cooking events around the world are promoted through the platform. A really interesting part of the page is where users can critique the products with positive or negative comments, in order to give the company the advantage of immediate feedback.


Finally, Kraft platform is enhancing consumers’ and company’s relationship as they interact in the same online channel. The beneficial use of recipes is a great opportunity for the company, as the products are used by people who will join the community. The gain of feedback and the formation of several comments are tools which Kraft  can use in order to improve its position and provide its users with “food for thought” for the future through its recipes.

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