Not Just a Scooter, a Way of Life


After world war II Italy was destroyed. Economy was in very bad shape, while the roads was destroyed. Enrico Piaggio decides to create an automobile for the masses. The first prototype MP5 was called Paperino, Donald Duck in Italian because of its shape but did not make much impact. Piaggio called aeronautical engineer D’Ascanio, who had previously made known that he hates motorcycles to redesign the model. In his new model he tried to eliminate everything he hated about motorcycles. When the new model, MP6, was presented to Piaggio his reaction was that it looks like a Vespa, wasp in Italian and immediately gave that that name to the new scooter.



The first impression of the way it looked experts had in the Rome Golf Club was negative, but the test drives followed changed their opinion since it was easier to control and more comfortable to ride. The year was 1946. The first 50 of them were sold in that year. The following years and after adding installments in the way someone could pay, the sales took off.


Vespa Clubs

Along with the sales rapidly was increasing and the number of people creating Vespa Clubs. Through the years Vespa became more than a scooter, a way of life. Clubs were created everywhere. In every country a lot of cities have one of their own. Vespa owners want to discuss about their common passion. They want to travel with their Vespa, so they are seeking for information about new trips or to share their trip adventures with others. They are also arranging gatherings and meetings either locally or nationally.


Do You Vespa?

Vespa itself is trying to keep people connected. The Do you Vespa? Is a domain where Vespa lovers can create their own content sharing their experiences with the scooter. They are asked to create a poster or a strip sharing with others their feelings and why they love their Vespa. The further their poster reaches the more miles they will gain. By earning miles, they are getting badges and rewards. The more they get the better it is. Ultimately Vespa will reward the whole community.


Vespa has a very strong community constantly evolving. So Do you Vespa? or like legendary Thanassis Veggos was asking in one of his movies Ξέρεις από Βέσπα;;;;” , do you know about Vespa?

One thought on “Not Just a Scooter, a Way of Life

  1. A very nice presentation of Vespa! As a girl I don’t know much, but I really like Vespas as I have seen few of them actually around Athens. Their unique design reminds me another epoque. First time, I had seen a Red Vespa in Italy in the city of Milan presented inside a clothing store and I was fascinated.People were taking photos in front of Vespa and collectible miniatures were given to those who shopped from the store. didn’t really know about the Paperino model and this was very interesting as well. Vespa clubs is a fascinating idea of connecting people who love Vespas and want to share experiences. Creating communities both online and offline keeps your fans updated and provides necessary information. In my opinion, a campaign raised through social media would be a great opportunity to advertise Vespa and invite fans and other people to join the community. For example they could upload a photo with a hashtag such as #doyouknowvespa and win a day in the Italian territory enjoying a 24 hour ride with a Vespa. You can check out my post about Ben & Jerrys campaign #euphoria that had great success. Well – done again!!


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