Football Manager

From CM to FM

In 1992 Sports Interactive created Championship Manager, also known as CM, a series of football management simulation games published by Eidos Interactive. The game simulates the management of a football club. The player chooses which team wants to manage, and is responsible for the transfers, the scouting of new players, the tactics of the team during a game, and a lot more that has to do with the club.  In 2004 the developing team, Sports Interactive and Eidos broke their partnership. Sports Interactive started a new one with Sega, but they didn’t manage to retain the naming rights so Football Manager was born. Year by year the game was evolving by constantly adding new elements in the gameplay.


The Database

The main reason that lead Football Manager to become a legend was its database. The game is based in an extremely big and accurate database of football players around the world. They have managed to create a network of people in every corner of the world who are scouting and collecting data about football clubs. Starting from the basic element the football players and expanding in any other aspect of the football club like the boarding staff the ground they are using and a lot other tiny but so important information. In our days this network is expanding.


The Community

The fans of the game are in their majority active members of the games community. The nature of the game itself and the spirit of the developing team points towards that direction. In every version of the game, communities around the world are able to create and edit graphical elements of it, such as team kits and badges, player photos etc. In the official forum of the game we can find discussions about technical,  game help issues and in general in there they are discussing everything that has to do with game.


Another aspect of the community as mentioned above is that people can contribute in some way and in the developing of the game. A lot are also working as scouters. It’s one of them is assigned to an area or a team. Their obligation is to collect information about the teams in their area. They are following specific guidelines regarding what to measure while watching a football game and they are even attending the training grounds of the clubs.


The Results

As a result, to all this Football Manager has achieved to become more than just a game. Experts from all over the world are using it as a consultant. In 2008, a major Premier League Club, Everton FC, signed a contract with Sports Interactive allowing them to use the database of the game. In Azerbaijan a Football Manager gamer achieved to take over the Premier League club FK BAKU based on the success he had into the game.


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