Game of Thrones

A Song of Ice and Fire

A Song of Ice and Fire is a novel series created by George R. R. Martin. Until now five books have been published and there are two more expected to be written in the coming years. The first book was published in August of 1996 while the last of the five was released 15 years later in July of 2011. The sixth book was expected to be released in December of 2015 but failed to do so and at this point new release dates are expected. Meanwhile a few chapters of the forthcoming book were reviled in the writer’s blog.


Game of Thrones

A Game of thrones was the title of the first book of the novel series. In 2007 HBO ensured the rights to turn the novels into a dramatic TV series the Game of Thrones, GOT. Until now 5 seasons have been aired, and at this moment we are in the middle of the sixth season. The first two seasons were adapting the first novels of the series. From third season and forward the creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have decided to adapt the series as a whole giving them ability to more flexible regarding the events taking place in the novels and how they are going to represented in the screen. Speculations saying that there are two more seasons to come.


The Fans

People everywhere were expecting the airing of the Game of Thrones. This lead to the creation of various communities around the world. Many forums and sites appeared bringing fans closer. The fans are divided to those who had read the books and those who have not. It is impressive how secrets about important twists in the plot were not revealed in the forums from those who had read the books respecting the viewers right in surprise. Debates are taking place regarding the changes the producers are doing in the original novel plot. Theories were developed and discussed about the fate of the characters, according to facts written in different chapters of the novels.

cake of thrones

In every country different events are organized. The fans have the opportunity to take photos with their favorite actors or objects from the set like the Iron Throne. A lot viral videos were published showing people watching legendary endings of episodes and seasons. Premieres or seasons endings are seen in big cinema screens. Even coffee places have created delicacies based on the series and decorated the place accordingly.

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