The Yellow Team

The Doctor

Valentino Rossi also known as “The Doctor” or “VR46” is a famous Moto GP rider. He was born in Italy in 1979 and managed to win his first World Championship in the 125cc category when he was 18 years old. In the coming years he was crowned champion in the 250cc and 500cc categories. In 2002 the 500cc category changed and was renamed MotoGP. Rossi managed to be dominant for 4 consecutive years even though he moved from Honda to Yamaha in 2004. In total he has won 7 championships in the higher category (MotoGP, 500cc).


The Yellow Team

Through all these years his legend was constantly growing. He has fans all over the world. 18 years now they have created a very strong community, The Yellow Team or Yellow Community. They are very passionate with their idol. The official group has the support of the Doctor. They are organizing various events and gags either during the races or in every other occasion.  Through the years they have evolved and strengthened their community. At some point they started printing t-shirts and bring flags in the races, and they achieved to create a yellow sea in the stands of every circuit.


Their main goal is to have fun. As they are stating they will always work in the name of friendship, amusement and solidarity. This is indeed the main purpose of sports. To bring people together have fun and forget their everyday problems for a while. This community is managing to achieve that. They are organizing trips to different circuits, events and gags to support Rossi. They are giving in every race a different color. Everyone from all over the world can be part of this community. All they have to do is to share the same passion for the doctor as them, and sign up for an annual membership. The members are getting gadgets that differ every year.

The VR46 Store

Valentino Rossi’s fans are more than the members of his official fan club. There are a lot of people out there that are part of the community but are not very active. Building on that various products having the Rossi’s brand name are sold. Either in the official MotoGP store or mainly in the official VR46 store. The community is expanding every day.

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