Being Girl Embraces a Successful Social Community

   Being Girl is a web page established in 2000 by P&G multinational company which is now available in 25 countries. Apart of being a marketing effort of the company it is a site which provides advises by experts, discussions about relationships, menstruation, eating disorders etc. Questions can be asked and all the information provided by the site can help to analyze the market. They follow a “big-sister” approach and brands such as Tampax, Always, Venus and Olay are advertised.

As girls want a safe place to get personal information and ask several questions, in order to create high brand loyalty uses the following ways:


Authoritative Content   

The experience of Dr. Iris Prager is a vital tool in providing information that are significant to answer questions and provide trust to all the girls who visit the page.  As Arnold states: “We talk about content that others don’t, and we do it in a credible, relevant, accurate way.”

Awareness and Education to Schools

Online education programs cooperate with P&G in order to provide information about bodies, products etc. This automatically increases awareness.

Leveraging  Partnerships

The creation of partnerships like the one with SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT brings a different featured music artist to the site every month.  Through this way, it promote its artists to teenagers. is visited by millions of teenagers and increases its reputation. gains site traffic and destination appeal. Moreover, through the association with Cathy’s Books, a popular teen mystery series, takes place in the mystery clues. Another partnership is with UNA-USA (the United Nations Association of the United States of America),which sponsors US teens on trips to Africa to perform public service.

Online Discussions

Due to past inappropriate comments in discussions the company decided to control peer-to-peer interactions by screening all posts before they went live. Visitors who want to participate in a community must read relevant articles before they join. has reached 46 countries worldwide as teenagers all over the world grow up with certain perspectives. Brand loyalty and global reach among potential visitors are key factors to establish an innovative community building which is an imitative example for other companies.


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