How Red Bull established its brand community

Red Bull, started as an energy drink company and managed to evolve into a multimedia mogul, with millions of followers around the world. Using a broad spectrum of digital and social media to fuel its content strategy, Red Bull is setting the standards in community building.


What comes in mind when you think of Red Bull as a brand? Adventure, Freedom, Energy, Power etc.

What comes in mind when you think of Red Bull as a brand? Adventure, Freedom, Energy, Power etc. Those associations are anything but random and are built over years of tailored content flooding the media, establishing a community of followers. The four main ways that Red Bull managed to have such a strong brand community are:


Sponsoring events and endorsing celebrities in the areas of extreme sports, motor sports (Moto GP, Formula 1), alpine sports etc and also organizing projects such as “Red Bull Stratos” (setting world record in free-fall), “Red Bull Air Race” (stunt airplanes), “Red Bull Cliff Diving” etc managed to target an international audience which shared common brand values.

red bull extreme

Red Bull Stratos


Juggling around Push and Pull marketing strategies, Red Bull managed to establish a solid brand image which created excitement around the product by transmitting positive marketing messages around conversations. Going beyond the traditional advertising (push marketing), Red Bull has managed to rely only on pull marketing techniques by creating interesting stories and quality content triggering online and offline conversations.


Red Bull has a strong derived products marketing strategy apart from their main energy drink. E-shops and physical shops promote the brands merchandise varying from T-shirts, Caps and Jackets to Calendars, Posters and Watches. Having this marketing tool it helps develop the brand community by increasing customers loyalty, materialize their attachment with their brand and most importantly they become ambassadors of Red Bull themselves.


over 50 million followers on Facebook, 2 million on Twitter and 3 million on Instagram


In our digital era, social media have found their place in every aspect of our everyday lives. Red Bull was pioneering in digital marketing techniques and strategies by exploring all aspects of the social media and developing their brand image among them. With over 50 million followers on Facebook, 2 million on Twitter and 3 million on Instagram one can understand why Red Bull is one of the leading brands in online community development.Constantly evolving in the ever-changing digital media field, adopting to the latest trends and even setting them in the long run is what gives a company the leading position.

Red Bull Profiles

Red bull keeps adjusting their marketing strategy in order to push the brand forward and build a close relationship with its customers. Having the social & digital media in the heart of their campaigns gives the ability to find new and innovative ways to reach their audience as well as staying on top of the various technological and social changes. Red Bull has set an example in community building and it would be wise for many companies who are trying to develop their own brand communities to learn from it.


One thought on “How Red Bull established its brand community

  1. A very interesting article about Red Bull company which provides the reader basic information about their community building. Personally, I really found interesting the merchandising part of the brand, as I didn’t know this marketing aspect of Red Bull. Consumer power is a dynamic tool of increasing awareness and loyalty of brands generally and by this marketing strategy establishes Red Bull “personas”.
    As far as Social Media are concerned, you can find vital information with specific examples of how Red Bull uses them as a key platform to build its brand in the following link:
    Really impressive!


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